Advent Calendars

Erika Schember

All colors, shapes, and sizes — advent calendars are fun for the whole family!

Fun Facts

  • Modern advent calendars date back to the 1850s.
  • The advent calendars we have today are derived from the Adventcandle, which is coincidentally also where we have taken advent wreaths.
  • The first advent calendars were used by Lutherans in Germany.

My family has an advent calendar that we have used since we were kids — a colorful wooden construction with a little doors to hide goodies inside. The early bird gets the worm (or peppermint candy kisses, as it were), so I am sure the four of us kids woke up a little earlier the month of December in hopes of being the fist to open the day’s door.
After I moved out of my parents’ home, I have a place of my own, with my own advent calendar. I still fill it with candy, but I can’t help but miss the competitive spirit surrounding the old tradition.

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