Add One for Lent

This Lent you are invited to "Add One for Lent". Instead of giving something up, spend one more hour per week doing something that will help you grow in faith and discipleship. Start with where you are now, and think about how you can add one more hour per week for the six weeks of Lent in worship, Bible study, or prayer.

Need some ideas? Try these:

Commit to attending worship every week (if you haven't been lately).
Come to Wednesday ON FIRE - we will have a special series during Lent with both student and resident members sharing their faith stories.
Come to Pastor Curt's Bible study on Sunday morning at 9:30 am.
Spend 10 minutes a day in prayer, 6 days a week (or join our Prayer Community).
Spend 10 minutes a day reading scripture, 6 days a week.

Have another idea? Let us know