Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry has been a part of Martin Luther Chapel since 2005 when the first class was commissioned.  Since that time, over 50 people have been trained at Martin Luther Chapel as Stephen Ministers and an additional 10 people as Stephen Leaders.  Stephen Ministers are members of the congregation who have received 50 hours of caregiving training to minister to people experiencing a crisis, facing a challenge, or simply going through a changing time.

The Following PBS video provides more insight into What Stephen Ministry is:

How do you find out more about Stephen Ministry at Martin Luther Chapel?  If you'd like more information, please contact us by completing the web form, contact the Chapel office, ask Pastor Dave, Pastor Curt, or Dian Silvey, Ministry Assistant, or one of the Stephen Ministers.

Martin Luther Chapel will be offering a Stephen Ministry training class, beginning January 9, 2018, on Tuesday nights at 7 pm. This is your opportunity to receive training in the art of Christian caregiving. After the training, you will join a group of dedicated people who provide confidential care to others.  Please pick up an application here at the Chapel, or contact the Chapel office.